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My Furry Photos

The main reason why I wanted to create a new homepage was to put the many pictures of Furry events I made over the last two year online. I never found the time to finish my ideas. One reason was a missing photoalbum which satisfied my demands while the other was a missing layout. Now that I had the time I spent some days to program (a really nice :) photoalbum and create a layout around it.
The next time I will fill this page with more and more photos, but first I put my pictures from Eurofurence VII, VIII, X, XI (2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005) online, because I had these more or less ready on my harddisk.

I hope you enjoy watching this photos as much as I enjoyed to attend on these events.$1.4  [12281] © Matthias Hensler 2002-07, All Rights Reserved